Qaptis raises CHF 1.3M to develop carbon capture technology

Fundraising includes best-in-class investors such as BlackWood, Cargill, YB Startup and Plug & Play

We are thrilled to announce that we, Qaptis, have successfully closed our pre-seed round, securing CHF 1.3 million in funding. The round was led by BlackWood, Cargill, YB Startup and Plug and Play with participation from several angel investors. The funding is used to expand the engineering team and reach the Technology Readiness Level 5 (TRL 5).

As a startup that aims to develop mobile carbon capture technology, this significant investment is a testament to the potential of our innovative approach to tackling the growing climate crisis. We understand the world is facing increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, and we are proud to be leading the way in developing cutting-edge technology that can capture carbon dioxide directly from mobile sources, such as trucks and boats.

Our mobile carbon capture technology represents a significant breakthrough in the fight against climate change. By capturing carbon emissions at the source, we have the potential to significantly reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, contributing to a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

« Qaptis’ cutting-edge technology could provide the most pragmatic solution to allow for energy transition in road delivery and beyond. We are delighted to support the Team on their road to decarbonization. » Bastian Larsen, BlackWood

We are fortunate to have a strong team of experts who are committed to achieving our ambitious goals. With this latest funding round, we are well-positioned to continue driving innovation and making a positive impact on the environment.

« We are pleased to be part of this promising project supported by an inspired team and that clearly appears as a solution for a responsible and sustainable (mobile) growth. » Florian Traudich, YB Startup

As we move forward with our mission, we remain committed to working closely with industry partners, research institutions, and policymakers to develop practical solutions for reducing CO2 emissions.

Our pre-seed round closure represents an exciting milestone for us at Qaptis. This success would not have been possible without the contribution of our incredible network of partners, mentors, accelerator programs, our committed team and existing investors who support us along our journey in the fight against #ClimateChange. We look forward to continuing to work hard to achieve our goals!





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