• The problem

    Hydrogen and Electric solutions for trucks are slow and expensive to deploy

    Hydrogen trucks require infrastructure changes

    • 99% of Hydrogen is still Fossil-Based. Green Hydrogen require huge amount of renewable energy.
    • Hydrogen solution requires a completely fueling network to be built. 

    Electric trucks are not suitable for long distance

    • The huge batteries considerably reduce the payload and therefore the amount of goods transported. 
    • The recharge time is long: 4 to 8h forecasted by experts. 
  • Our solution

    A carbon capture kit that can capture up to 90% of carbon emissions.

  • Key advantages

    Among others.



    Your truck is turned into a low-emission vehicle in a very short time.


    Low upfront cost

    Our kit is a device which does not require huge upfront cost.


    No change

    You don't have to switch to a new fuel and rely on a new fueling network.

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